by Thomas W. Thornberry

      Welcome, good reader! This page is a portal to a series of articles I write monthly for the Richmond Register. My goal is to make observations of the world from a counselor's point of view. The Register has been most gracious in granting me permission to use the materials I write for them in order to promote my own career. I'm quite grateful, and encourage you to please check out their site sometime.

      Read on, and do send your feedback!

Which Mental Morsels Article Would You Like?

Beyond Buses and Uncle So-And-So

The Lure of Gizmo-ism for Self-Improvement

Helping the Pain of Outliving a Child

Healthcare Graffiti?

What is a "Psychological Resource?"

Context and Your Cognitive Style

Coming Soon [July 2014]


When Does Infidelity Really Begin?

Finding Your Inner Scientist

How You Can Foster Rapport in
Your Relationships

Maybe You See What You Know?

What's the Best Way of Knowing?

Defining Your Terms

Meet Your Generalized Other

Let the Emperor Have His New Clothes

Use Your Dreams

What is a Reader Really Doing?

Four Forms of Enlightenment Behind the Wheel

The Person-as-Story Model


Noble in Reason, Infinite in Faculties

Combining Solitude With Good Company

What's Your Type of Being?

The Tradeoff Between Technology and Lifestyle

Who's the Captain of Your Soul?

Dancing With Myself

Avoiding the Temptation of the Zinger

Civility is Better for Mental Health

How Can You Spot Mentally Healthy People?

What's the Point of Grief Counseling?

Communities of One

Handling Holiday Hurt


Leave Diagnosis to the Professionals

Dealing with Life's Regrets

Five Levels of Help for Depression

Sacred Space, Sacred Silence, Serene Mind

Cultivate Naive Cynicism

The Pitfalls of Answering "Why"

When Is it Healthy to Lower
  Your Standards?

Why Grunts Don't Work

Is a Picture Still Worth 1,000 Words?

The Wisdom of Renunciation

The Sweet Ringing of the Bell Curve

Practical Wisdom For a Graying Nation


Put Limits on Love

Why Your "But" Needs Kicked

Wheels, Not Buttons

On Sharing Yourself

The Best Indicator of Future Behavior...

Why We're Not Special

Lovers Can Be Bumblers Too

The Non Sequitur:
  How to Follow by Not Following

Independence Day Means Liberty from Illness

TV Screen Says World is Mean

How to Beat Abuse

Why It's Good to Be a Grownup


Mindreading Causes Needless Suffering

"Time Traveling" Can Save Your Sanity"

A Hard Life is a Happier Life

I'd Rather Browse

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